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Conquest by the Romans does not displace Greek civilization in this region, nor at first do the Arab caliphs. What did he write? Herodotus grows up in Halicarnassus, in Ionia.

Enjoy the Famous Daily Mesopotamia: 3rd millennium BC The earliest uses of writing are strictly practical - lists of commodities, temple accounts, details of a contract. Such documents are short and not too daunting to a Mesopotamian scribe, writing with a reed stylus on a tablet of damp clay.

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For centuries it seems unthinkable to write down an entire epic poem, familiar to these societies only in the form of recitation. When writing is first developed, an oral poetic tradition is already a feature of civilized life.

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Eventually the scribes get round to the task of recording some of this material. Mesopotamia provides the world's two earliest surviving works of literature. The Sanskrit literature of India dates back in oral tradition to the middle of the second millennium BC.

It enshrines the Vedic religion of the newcomers into India at this time, the Aryans. The earliest and best known of the four Vedas is the Rigvedaa collection of temple hymns. Of the other three, the Samaveda and the Yajurveda are collections of priestly chants and prayers for use during sacrificial rituals; the Atharveda is more concerned with religion in the life of the individual worshipper.

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It is a massive compilation of chronicle and myth, brought together from about the 4th century BC and probably reaching its present form by about AD It is traditionally but most improbably attributed to a single author, a wise man by frederick speed ​​dating name of Vyasa.

The poem amounts to nearlycouplets, about seven times as long as the Odyssey and frederick speed ​​dating Iliad combined. Like the Homeric poemsit probably derives from historical events - and events of much the same period frederick speed ​​dating between and BC. Poems ranging in date from to BC are collected in the earliest work of Chinese literature, the Shijing or 'Classic of Poetry'. Most of them are lyrical and often wistful - as, for example, in the poignant appeal datând zână a girl Growing old without a lover.

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This collection of about poems has a profound influence on the development of literature in China, inclining writers to delicate impressionism rather than the more violent epic tradition of India and Europe. The poems of the Shijing are gathered together shortly before the time of Confucius.

He makes much use of the collection as a source of quotations, and it becomes known as one of the five Confucian Classics. Two great reservoirs of source material for European literature and indeed for all European art are recorded for posterity in regions bordering the eastern Mediterranean during the centuries after BC.

The holy books of Judaism are slightly the earlier of the two. Known to Christians as the Old Testamentthey are written down at first from earlier oral sources from about BC onwards. The other comparable body of material derives entirely from an oral tradition. Somewhere around BC the Odyssey and the Iliad are transformed from bardic songs into written texts - the transition from folklore to literature.

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They are credited to a blind poet, Homer. Who was Homer? When did he write? What did he write? These difficult matters, known collectively as the 'Homeric question', have puzzled scholars since as early as the 6th century BC.

The problem is neatly avoided in Max Beerbohm's phrase 'those incomparable poets Homer'.

And it is well stated in a legendary schoolboy howler: 'Homer was not written by Homer but by another poet of the same name. But a greater truth is that European literature begins, in Homer, with two amazing masterpieces.

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There is a good reason for this particular date, the 8th century BC. It is when writing returns to Greece, in a more congenial alphabetic form. But it is not a case of someone simply writing down an existing poem. The strongest argument for Homer as a single writer of genius is the accomplished literary form of the Iliad and the Odyssey.

The separate incidents which make up the two stories must certainly have been in the repertoire of many performers, but no single bard is likely to have sung all the material that Homer uses.

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And nobody, in an age before writing, has either the incentive or the opportunity to fashion such skilfully shaped overall narratives - with beginning, middle and end. The writing down of the Homeric poems in the 8th century BC does not mean that they become available to readers. The texts merely enable his followers to preserve the works and to perform them in a consistent manner. A group of such followers, the Homeridae, become associated with the island of Chios, off the coast of Ionia.

Ancient tradition links Homer himself with Ionia, and the language of the poems seems to confirm an Ionic background.

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The origins of Greek theatre lie in the revels of the followers of Dionysus, a god of fertility and wine. In keeping with poloneză dating us szukaj god's special interests, his cult ceremonies are exciting occasions.

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His female devotees, in particular, dance themselves into a state of frenzy.