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Obiectivul general al proiectului constă în prevenirea și diminuarea părăsirii timpurii a școlii pentru un număr de de copii din zona de circumscripție a Școlii Gimnaziale nr 2 din Stancea, comuna Spanțov, arondate școlii, din județul Călărași, prin măsuri educaționale integrate, stimularea accesului egal și participării active a copiilor la învățământul preșcolar, primar și gimnazial de calitate, în special a grupurilor cu risc de părăsire timpurie a școlii. Upon successful, what is the finest restaurants, ucla ranks as the event lesbian. Page 1 of use faq careers tell a healthy future!

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  • In plus, atunci cand nu vei fi acasa, aceasta va fi protejata si de hoti, in special daca iti vei monta unul dintre sistemele de fixare al acestora care se actioneaza din interior.
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In plus, atunci cand nu vei fi acasa, aceasta va fi protejata si de hoti, in special daca iti vei monta unul dintre sistemele de fixare al acestora care se actioneaza din interior.

Specificatii tehnice Exista doua tipuri de casete care se monteaza pe rulourile exterioare din aluminiu. Primul tip este reprezentat de caseta aplicata, care se monteaza in lacasul unei usi sau a unei ferestre. Al doilea si cel mai recomandat este cel in care caseta suprapusa este special izolata, astfel incat sa nu permita vantului sau apei sa patrunda la interior.

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Majoritatea modelelor de rulouri exterioare din aluminiu pot fi actionate cu ajutorul unui snur. Exista, insa, si tipuri care folosesc o manivela sau o chinga.

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Los angeles. Drama's prosperity, which in the 17th and 18th centuries was founded on the cultivation of rice and cotton, rose to new heights on the 19th century with the growing and trading of tobacco.

At this time Drama and the nearby towns flourished economivally and culturally as a result of the contacts made through the tobacco trade with Western Europe. At the end of the 19th century the region was caught up in the conflict brought on the newly-formed Bulgarians state's desire to expand into Macedonia, and paid a high price for its part in the Macedonian struggle and the Balkan Wars, In the early 20th century, with the end of the Balkan Wars inDrama and the surrounding area were incorporated into the Greek state.

Prehistory 50, B. The earliest traces of human settlement in the Prefecture of Drama come from the springs of Angitis Cave, where finds have revealed occupation by Paleolithic hunters.


These finds consist of animal bones and stone tools dating to the Middle Paleolithic Age, Mousterian period 50, B. The first Neolithic farmers and pastoralists made their appearance in the Drama basin in the sixth millennium B. A large number of Middle and Late Neolithic settlements attests to the area? A full picture of Neolithic culture in Drama basin is provided by finds from the excavation at the sites of Sitagri and Arkadiko.

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Tools, jewelery and pottery fired in high temperatures and decorated with elaborate techniques represent the earliest technical achievements of Neolithic man in the Drama region, and his cultural relations with neighbouring areas.

The finds throw light on Neolithic architecture, and Neolithic man? In the prehistoric settlement of Sitagri we have the first evidence of metal-working at the end of the Neolithic Age.

Other finds from Sitagri settlement give us a picture of the area?

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Ca time of rapid cultural transformation throughout Europe. The pottery evidence shows that at this time the Drama area developed cultural links central Europe and the North-Eastern Aegean.


Late Bronze Age finds from tombs at Potami and Exohi reveal links with the and the continental Balkans and Central Macedonia, while the local Mycenaean pottery provides the first examples of contact with the Mycenaean world. Pottery, weapons, tools and jewelery from the tombs excavated in the Drama Industrial Zone confirm that the region? Antiquity B.

Surface pottery with proto-geometric decoration offers the earliest known evidence of links between the Drama region and the Inland empire speed ​​dating colonies, along the coast between the Strymon and Nestos rivers, From the late 6th and early 5th century B.

Attic pottery appears, together with other imported items such as the Corinthian helmet found in the Kalambaki settlement. The marble bust of Dionysos From the sanctuary if Dionysos in Drama is the earliest evidence of the cult this god in the hinterland if mount Pangeon. The Late Classical and Hellenistic Ages are represented by more abundant finds.

The monumental building at kali Vrisi, the votive offerings from the sanctuary of Dionysos and the Macedonian tomb in the ancient settlements of Drama, as well as the tombstones and grave monuments from the cemeteries of other ancient settlements all attest to the economic and cultural prosperity that resulted from the region?