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Penelope : You hit on my mom.

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  2. Penelope : You hit on my mom.
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Barney : We weren't exclusive. Penelope : I'm dating steaguri red askmen. Barney : Robin again? Ted, the universe clearly does not want you and Robin to be together. Don't piss off the universe.

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The universe will slap you. Ted Mosby : But don't you think the universe has more important things to worry about than my dating life?

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Marshall Eriksen : Unless your dating life is the glue holding the entire universe together Anybody else get chills? Ted Mosby penelope dating site Look, I realize we've been down this road before, but the fact is, whatever I do, it all keeps coming back to Robin, so I gotta do this.

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What the hell? Barney : That wasn't me.

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That was the universe. Penelope : Why the hell should I help you?

Barney : Come on, I know it didn't work out between us, but we did have a relationship. Penelope : We had sex twice in your car and then you dumped me. How is that a relationship?

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Barney : Twice! Barney : Ted, you're forcing me to be the voice of reason! It's not a good image for me!

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Ted Mosby : Have you ever seen a rain dance? Penelope : I've seen a filmstrip. Ted Mosby : Terrific Uh, look I penelope dating site run. I'm getting brain surgery from some guy who's seen a couple of episodes of ER. I can't believe this. We've been up here for the past hour making complete asses of ourselves.

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Barney : [Sitting, drinking a beer] What do you mean "we," white man? Barney : Ted, waiting naked in a girl's bed wearing whipped cream undies does not work The setting - Martha's Vineyard, The characters: Yours truly and a raven-haired au pair by the name Lily : [Slaps him.

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He stares aghast] Universe. See also.